what might have been

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

she called last night. she said she's pregnant.

i did not say anything. there was silence.

"sana ikaw na lang," she uttered sobbingly.

"it has already been two years." i answered back unfazed.

there was silence again, but longer this time.

"sorry. i do not intend to bother you. it's just that.."

"i do not really have the time now. i'm sorry." i disrupted.


i know she was already crying heavily. she badly needed someone to talk to. there was something inside my chest telling me to console her, assure her that everything's gonna be okay.

"i'm sorry." i said bluntly.

silence rose again.

"i understand." she answered.

i hung up the line. i stared blankly at the ring on my finger. i wondered if she still has the other half. something inside does not feel right, like i had just received a sharp blow. ah, what might have been...


bloom said...

taena! almost a year bago nasundan yung last entry mo! ANYAREH? kinasal ka ba?

WELCOME BACK! hahaha.. namiss kita Ser!

lucas said...

hays..what might have been. hard to shake'm off eh?..i mean the dreams you had with someone are just almost unbearable to let go... but there's no way back. one way or another we have to look ahead and take a step forward...

YanaH said...

antagal mong nawala!
welkam bak naman sau...

nakakapanginig naman ang come back entry mo..

Solo said...

Goodness! It's been way too long. Welcome back! ;D

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kcatwoman said...

such a sad entry. if it's rel, hope everything turns out well

rico de buco said...

sir bago palang ako dito site mo..nweiz, malalim ang pinaghugutan na..sad story sir.. sana eh, makuha mong makamoveon.. mahirap kasi yang gnyan(kung totoo man ito at di ito fiction)


Love said...

wow.. so sad.. ='(
is this a true to life story??

enweiz... i missed u and ur blog..
nice to be back here..

would u mind exchanging links??

karenkarenkaren said...

i think, more than a year ago, you were still hung up on her.
are you still wearing that ring? hehe. ako na ang usyusera.