That Day We Met

Thursday, March 13, 2014

We met two years ago in possibly one of the most unromantic places to meet – in a job interview. Napagtripan mong maghanap noon ng trabaho. Ako naman, naghahanap ng matinong trabahador (parang construction worker lang). I no longer remember if I shook your hand that time, but I do recall the first question I threw to you, “Ilang taon ka na?” Obviously, because you look like just a kid. (kid talaga?)

Fortunately, you did not make it in the interview. Yes, fortunately. You were qualified, but (we thought) you were too “mabait” for the job. Suwangit daw kasi yung magiging boss mo if ever. But I have a theory. Our boss wanted you to be part of her team from the very beginning, kaya hindi ka nya ipinamigay (ikaw na!). Kaya nga after a couple of days, kasama ka na namin sa Sales. Fortunately. (I guess ‘tadhana’ played her part)

We became colleagues. We work inside the same office 9-10 hours a day. But days pass na hindi tayo nag-uusap. Who knows, baka nga weeks pa eh? Ironically, I was just sitting right in front of you. You were busy doing your thing, and I was busy doing mine. In other words, hindi tayo close. Or I guess the right words should be “never tayo naging close.”

Who would’ve imagined that after two looooong years, we would become like this? I didn’t see it coming. No one did. But as the saying goes, every great love story begins somewhere. And that is how ours have started.  Thanks to Davao. Thanks to our boss. Thanks to Cebu Pacific. Thanks to that taxi driver who drove us to Magsaysay…Park. Lol!

It has already been a year since we decided to try things out and see if they’ll work. A little rough and bumpy some of the time. But I’d still say that those 12 months were still the best 12 months of my life. You are a very caring person and patient with my moods. For that alone, ang swerte-swerte ko na.

Love, I am not good with words. But I only want you to remember one thing: MAHAL KITA. I may not be the sweetest person on earth but I will always be beside you… I will always be right there, falling in love with you each and every day.

Happy anniversary!

With all the love I can muster,

Obi <3


RED said...

Happy Anniversary!

Cheers to more years!

kae said...

Akala q ba magastos mag-gf? Hahah. Congrats! ;D

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